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Equity Educators (Interns) for the Equity Educator Internship Program

Posted: 08/22/2023

The Equity Educator Intern Program is designed to provide hands-on/practical experience in an educational setting with a Faculty Ambassador for one semester. To enhance the Equity Educator’s introduction to the field of instruction, the program has the following two components: 1) approximately 16 hours of equity and student-centered training (at no cost to the Equity Educator) and 2) approximately 64 hours of classroom observation/program requirements, which includes no more than 6 hours of direct instruction. 


Individuals with Computer Science and Business backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply.


This program is also open to individuals interested in non-instructional faculty roles, such as individuals interested in becoming Counselors, Librarians, etc.



Expectations for this position include: 

  1. Attend the equity and student-centered training.
  2. Attend every class meeting led by assigned Faculty Ambassador (for one course) in the Spring 2024 semester.
  3. Meet with assigned Faculty Ambassador for a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes per week to discuss any questions, concerns, ideas, lesson plans, etc. 
  4. Teach a minimum of three (3), not to exceed four (4), class sessions and/or trainings (for non-instructional positions). 
  5. Meet with the assigned Faculty Ambassador for a minimum of thirty (30) minutes subsequent to each class session taught to exchange feedback. 
  6. Observe at least one (1) other unassigned Faculty Ambassador’s class. 
  7. Participate in a mid-semester facilitated discussion with Equity Educator cohort. 
  8. Attend an end-of-semester debrief and celebration. 
  9. Obtain guidance regarding the part-time faculty application and interview process. This could include interviewing for a part-time teaching position. 
  10. The Faculty Ambassador is the instructor of record; respect their experience, knowledge, skills and abilities. 


The Equity Educator program obligation is approximately eighty (80) hours.



  1. Graduate students within one (1) year of completion of a Master’s degree or Doctorate degree OR meet the minimum qualifications of a subject-matter discipline AND
  2. No prior paid higher education teaching experience AND
  3. Demonstrate the ability to utilize an equity mindset framework in and out of the classroom. 
NOTE: To review the minimum qualifications for adjunct faculty assignments, go to Minimum Qualifications Handbook ( 


The Equity Educator shall receive a stipend of $500 upon conclusion of the program and meeting all expectations outlined above.



There are three (3) required documents to apply for this internship:

  1. Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) 
  2. Applicable Transcripts
  3. A cover letter (maximum of 2 pages) addressing the following:
    • Briefly describe your career goals and interest in teaching and/or serving at a community college, as well as why you want to be a part of this program.
    • How is equity and higher education related to one another? As an Equity Educator, how would you create a classroom and/or campus culture that intentionally supports the success of students from different backgrounds, particularly for African-American, Latin(o)(a)(e)(x), and Native American students with intersecting identities, such as LGBTQIA+, visible and invisible disabilities, and any other disproportionately impacted populations?   
    • Provide specific examples that reflect your demonstrated experience understanding the needs of historically underrepresented populations.
    • Your anticipated class and/or work schedule for the Spring 2024 term. 


**Please note that transcripts are needed in order to assess if applicants meet the requirements for this opportunity. Applications submitted without transcripts will be disqualified.

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