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Physics (Adjunct/Part-time)

Posted: 05/22/2023


In order to create a pool of qualified applicants, Sierra College accepts applications in all subject areas and conducts interviews for teaching positions throughout the year.  Applications are kept in the hiring pool for a period of two years. The number of open positions varies from semester to semester.  The Division Dean or Department Chair will contact you directly for an interview when a position becomes available. We appreciate your interest in Sierra College!

Examples Of Functions and Tasks


Lecture/ Laboratory Presentation - ESSENTIAL: Prepare lectures to introduce theory, problem solving techniques, and laboratory procedures for Calculus-based and non-Calculus -based Physics courses; structure course to maintain uniform pace; develop and enforce standards of classroom conduct and of minimum acceptable academic performance;  convey relevant material in a clear and logical manner; introduce mathematical techniques, as required; prepare, carry out, and dismantle lecture demonstrations; prepare slides and other multimedia aids, as needed, including videotapes of laboratory procedures;  set up and verify proper operation of laboratory apparatus; remove laboratory apparatus from laboratory and return to storeroom; prepare supplemental monographs, as needed, for emphasis and clarity of topics; provide individual tutoring and counseling, as needed;  supervise students during laboratory activity periods; seek out student learning difficulties and take proper corrective measures;   maintain acceptable American English language skills, as required for ease of verbal and written communication with students and staff.  PERIPHERAL: Supervise maintenance, adjustment, and repair of apparatus. 


TestingInstruments - ESSENTIAL: Prepare, administer, and evaluate tests, quizzes, homework assignments, and makeup work for lecture classes; prepare laboratory instructions and laboratory report forms; prepare, administer, and evaluate laboratory quizzes; maintain class records and assign course grades. 


Subject MatterExpertise - ESSENTIAL: Enroll in course work, conferences, and workshops, as needed to review subject matter and mathematics skills and to remain abreast of new developments in subject matter and teaching techniques; undertake regular review of literature, journals, new apparatus, and computer software; correspond with colleagues concerning professional and pedagogical matters.  PERIPHERAL: Attend and present in-service workshops. 


Departmental Operations - ESSENTIAL: Direct and guide departmental tutors, Laboratory Technician(s)- Physics, and student and/or other temporary help; handle departmental correspondence and telephone inquiries; participate in periodical department meetings; confer with departmental/divisional adjunct faculty instructors regarding subject matter, teaching techniques, departmental policies, and equipment use; prepare class schedules and syllabi; prepare purchase requisitions and follow-up correspondence; code and store new equipment and provide for proper inventory techniques.  PERIPHERAL:   Function as liaison between the Physics Department and the District with regard to departmental business, budget(s), staffing, policies, book orders, instructor loading, departmental planning and annual plans, equipment, conditions, and handling of hazardous materials; administer Physics 28 individual research projects and internship programs; provide letters of reference and employment information on behalf of students and staff, as appropriate; participate in selecting new texts and ancillary materials; evaluate other instructors and other staff, as required and in accordance with establish District policies and procedures. 


Learning Improvement/ Innovation - ESSENTIAL: Incorporate up-to-date apparatus, computers, and techniques into departmental curriculum;; conduct research and development on new instructional methods and apparatus; develop techniques for using computers as lecture aids, laboratory interfaces, and in tutorial modalities.  PERIPHERAL: Prepare code and file new multimedia aids, including slides, videotapes, demonstrations, and overhead projector transparencies. 


Articulation - PERIPHERAL: Provide interdepartmental loan service of equipment and supplies; present programs for other Sierra College academic departments and for local elementary and secondary schools, as requested; provide assistance in matters relating to articulation of Physics curriculum with transfer institutions. 


Minimum Qualifications


Master’s in physics, astronomy or astrophysics
Bachelor’s in physics or astronomy
Master’s in engineering, mathematics, meteorology or geophysics
the equivalent


 This position is a part-time faculty teaching assignment with the following salary rates: Part-Time/Adjunct Salary Schedule (Download PDF reader) (Degree and years of acceptable teaching experience determine step placement)

Offer and acceptance of employment is subject to verification of all information provided on the employment application, credentials, transcripts, LiveScan, and tuberculosis examination as required.

Verification of prior employment (teaching or work experience) may be needed to determine minimum qualifications met.

Copies of transcripts MUST be attached to the application (photocopies & unofficial transcripts are accepted).


If claiming equivalency, please attach the Request for Equivalency Hearing form. The equivalency form may be found at: Sierra College Human Resources 

Individuals who have completed college or university course work at an institution in a country other than the United States must obtain a complete evaluation of foreign transcripts, degrees and other relevant documents.


Individuals who have completed college or university course work at an institution in a country other than the United States must obtain a complete evaluation of foreign transcripts, degrees and other relevant documents. A foreign transcript evaluation is required any time foreign course work is used to meet minimum qualifications and/or salary placement even if the foreign transcript has been accepted by a college or university in the United States.

Companies that provide transcript evaluation services:

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